Get involved

Joining the library team couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up using the button below and choose how you’d like to help.

Ways to Volunteer

There are many ways to help the library. You could join one of the working groups, who meet several times a month to work on aspects of the library’s work, like getting the building open, finance, fundraising, communications and programming. If you’d like a more casual commitment, sign up on Three Rings, our volunteering database, and choose which team you’d like to join. See below for more details.

Events Team

We occasionally run events, both at the library and at other venues. These take a bit of organising! If you have ideas for more, or would like to help with existing events, we’d welcome the help.

Book Stock Team

The book stock team are responsible for sorting the book stock, cataloguing, stickering and shelving the book stock. We have a lot of books! Many hands make light work.

Library Desk Team

The library desk team open up the library, answer questions from the general public, issue books and help with the day to day running of the library. Choose a shift that suits you!