Crickleknitters Too

Always wanted to come to Crickleknitters (Wednesdays, 1-3pm on the sofa in the library) but having to go to pesky work or college? Never fear, the enterprising Daniela has embarked on a Saturday version of the group. As an experienced knitter, she’s happy to help those just starting out on their knitting journey, or just to have company on the sofa while she knits. Come along and join her. No need to book – just turn up with your needles and yarn and get on with it!

Cricklereaders February 2024 – Victory City by Salman Rushdie

In the wake of an unimportant battle between two long-forgotten kingdoms, a nine-year-old girl has a divine encounter that will change the course of history. Pampa Kampana becomes a vessel for a goddess, who tells her that she will be instrumental in the rise of a great city called Bisnaga, ‘victory city’.

Over the next two hundred and fifty years, Pampa Kampana’s life becomes deeply interwoven with Bisnaga’s as she attempts to make good on the task that the goddess set for her: to give women equal agency in a patriarchal world. But all stories have a way of getting away from their creator, and Bisnaga is no exception.

New members always welcome.

Cricklewriters is on a Break

Greetings keen scribblers! This is to say that Cricklewriters, our friendly weekly writing group, is currently on a break. Dan, the workshop leader, is away for a few weeks and while the group gets organised to lead itself in his absence, it’s taking a short break. Please check back here for more news as it comes in.

January’s Last Friday is Aeolian Winds Quintet

What a treat is in store next month when we welcome Aeolian Winds Quintet to the library.

The programme looks lovely – expect to hear

Szeligowski Wind Quintet
Reicha Wind Quintet in Eb, First Movement
Bacewicz Wind Quintet
Zemlinsky Humoresque
Dvorak American Quartet arranged for Wind Quintet

For the curious, Aeolian Winds are a London-based wind quintet who strive to create imaginative and rounded concerts through their vibrant playing and inspired programming. They were formed in September 2021 at the Royal College of Music, where they were recently awarded the distinguished Woodwind Ensemble Prize.

Aeolian Winds have performed in a variety of prestigious venues across London, and the South of England. They aim to perform diverse and unknown works, with a focus on 20th century, and contemporary music. Their performances have been described as “pure joy” and “something very special”.

Whilst also taking a liking to more conventional programming, Aeolian Winds have also expanded into multimedia with their feature in David Bruce’s YouTube video, exploring the unique and vibrant sound of the chamber group through re-orchestration and storytelling. They are also interested in creating cross-genre and disciplinary projects, including immersive and intimate concerts in unconventional venues.

The quintet were recently been invited to be fellows, in December 2023, at Ensemble Ouranos’ Wind Quintet Academy in Paris.

Get your tickets here.

Shared Reading comes to Cricklewood Library

From Wednesday 1 February, a group of people, one of them a trained Reader Leader, reads a great novel, short story or poem aloud. We stop and talk about what we have read. There is no need for group members to read aloud or speak – it’s fine to just listen. The idea is to create a space where people feel at ease.

Reading the literature aloud in real-time, means that everyone is involved in a shared, live experience. Group members are encouraged by the Reader Leader to respond personally, sharing feelings, thoughts and memories provoked by the reading.

Everyone experiences the text in their own way, but the literature provides a shared language that can help us to understand ourselves – and others – better.

Shared Reading helps us to understand our individual and collective inner lives, round the same table, at the same time.