Yet another momentous piece of news, hard on the heels of the last momentous piece of news. This time it’s that the WINDOWS ARE IN! Forgive the all caps, but we’re giddy with excitement round here that the glass has finally landed and is being installed in the window frames of the library space. Two chaps (pictured) were hard at work this afternoon fixing the panes into the frames. If you waft past the library now you’ll be able to actually see inside and get an idea of the size of the space we have. There’s a fundraising special newsletter winging its way to your inboxes right now if you’re signed up for it. It contains lots of info on ways you can raise funds for the library, some of them at no cost to yourself. Take a read and help us make this library real. If you’re not on the mailing list yet, what are you thinking?? Sign up now!

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