Brent Council are consulting residents on how to prioritise spending on Neighbourhood CIL funded projects. CIL funding comes when developers receive planning permission for some larger, new developments. When this happens, they’re required to make a payment to the council. This helps fund local infrastructure improvements. This payment is called Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Of this, between 15-25% of the funds has to be allocated by the Council as Neighbourhood CIL.

On the basis of feedback received from this consultation, the council will decide how to prioritise spending in our neighbourhood. The council could allocate funds to local community groups where it believes that these groups can deliver the projects themselves. We are a perfect example of this, and we believe the new Cricklewood Library community hub is the best possible use for these funds. You can access the consultation here:

When answering the consultation, you could say some of the following:

  • The library and Gladstone village have generated a lot of CIL money
  • Besides those of us already here and missing our old library, there will be a lot of new residents who will require access to amenities and the new library will be on their doorstep
  • There has been no investment in our neighbourhood in recent years
  • The nearest library is two bus rides away
  • A little investment would go a long way – it is a relatively inexpensive development, and will be sustainable in the long term

The library post-code is NW2 6UY, and our official name is Cricklewood Library. The deadline for completion is midnight on Thursday 30 March, so don’t delay!

Thanks so much for your help. Please spread the news too!