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Summer 2020 Links to Keep You Connected

Using Video Calling to Stay Connected

Suddenly, everybody’s had to become an online communications expert. But what if it’s all new to you? How do you navigate the choppy waters of the Zoom call? If you need a little extra help, here are some signposts to keep you in the loop.

Citizens Online

Citizens Online have a lot of useful links to tutorials on how to use the most common video conferencing tools – Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp and more.

Simple Guides to Just About Everything Online

Digital Unite have really got it covered when it comes to talking about online stuff in everyday, simple language. Ideal to help beginners get to grips with the internet. All you need is a browser.

Digital Unite

If your skills are already honed, why not think about helping others get online? There’s a whole training programme for that, offered by Digital Unite.

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