Virtual Library

So we’re still not open (events dear boy, events), but we can still put on a good show. If you’re at a loose end, why not check out some of our offerings below. We’d love to hear from any volunteers who’d like to run a virtual learning or social event of some kind.

Kids Stuff

Blurb about stuff do to with / for kids. Tyan to add more detail. The link below takes you to YouTube where there will be a Cricklewood Library Kids Stuff Channel. The number in front of “Course” can be changed when new things are added.

1 Course

Healthy You

Yoga? Mindfulness? Nutrition advice? Getting into running? We’ve got it all covered so you can live your best life.

4 Courses

Creative You

Choose from a variety of creative courses led by our expert tutors. Learn to write, draw, crochet, cook, and craft!

4 Courses

Social You

Looking for ways to connect with the local neighbourhood, meet other parents, retired people, ukulele enthusiasts? Look no further – we’ve got it sorted.

6 Courses