Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing™ – FREE TASTER

Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW ™) is a sequence of 16 movements which distil the health giving and mindfulness benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Qong into an accessible practise for everyone. It was developed by Tai Chi master Richard Farmer in conjunction with neuropsychologist Dr David Quinn.

TMW keeps your body relaxed, healthy and feeling well because it supports you to move and breathe with awareness, so you tune in to your own unique needs.

It is effective in helping manage long‐term health conditions and the challenges associated with getting older. TMW allows you to rebalance your mind and body improve your flexibility and balance, and increase your core strength in a way which leaves you feeling alert, peaceful and ready to deal with the strains and stresses of modern life!

My 10 week course, starting 1 October, will give you a thorough introduction to the 16 sequence version of TMW. The aim being that you can learn the sequence as a personal daily practise of just 15-20 minutes a day. Each class also includes a seated meditation. It is possible also to learn TMW as a seated practise so it is open and accessible to everyone whatever age or level of fitness.

No special equipment or clothes are needed for TMW. But soft soled shoes are best so you can feel your feet on the floor.

Before you sign up for the course, I am offering two FREE taster classes as follows:

September 3rd and September 17th

Booking for the free taster classes on September 3rd and 17th (booking essential) through Eventbrite. Follow the link or look for ‘TMW Taster Class’

3rd September

17th September

Weekly Course Starts October 1st for ten weeks.
Time: 11am-1200
Cost: £80

For more info about Sarah visit: http://www.sarahdeco.org/tmw.html

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