Beacon Bingo on Cricklewood Broadway are happy to be supporting our fundraising efforts. They are leafleting their customers and encouraging donations right up until the deadline of 25 September. We have also had the very kind offer of the use of their premises for fundraising activities, which we’ll be doing towards the end of this year. Watch this space for more details.

Yesterday I spoke to their general manager, Steve Lightfoot, about why they’re supporting the library, and here’s what he had to say:

I’m an avid reader myself and both my children and I are members of Hemel Hempstead Library. It’s just an excellent thing to have in a community. Like bingo, it brings people together. There’s a social aspect to it as well as the educational aspect. Yeah, I’m a big fan! From a business point of view, Cricklewood is a mini-town that never sleeps and I just find it an incredibly diverse and and incredible place to work. We’re happy to do our bit to support this community.

In terms of why other businesses should get behind the library campaign, I firmly believe having a library will benefit local businesses. Number one, it will get people out of their houses, and they will walk past their businesses and shops. it will also make the local community more cohesive and support togetherness. Local businesses should support each other, and projects like this.

One of my earliest memories of using a library is borrowing all the Asterix and Tintin animated stories. This got me into my first ever ‘big’ library book – The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien. I’m still a reader today because of the way these books captured my imagination. I want that for other people’s children too.

You can find Beacon Bingo on the Edgeware Road and online at Facebook and on Twitter.