Corporate Donors

We welcome Corporate Donors. We are lucky enough to have a number of local and national businesses already supporting library fundraising activities, but it would be good to hear from more. If you are local or national business considering supporting a local charity, then the new Cricklewood Community Library would be a great place to start. We will have access to modern, well appointed new premises on Olive Road, and we are already working in partnership with a number of other local organisations, building strong and diverse community links. You can tap into that by supporting and working with us on the reopening and operation of the library.

Benefits to your business include:

• Enhanced corporate reputation
• Improved relations with local government, the community, and key stakeholder groups
• Enhanced brand recognition
• The ability to attract employees and improve retention
• Creation of healthier communities for your business to operate in
• Increased customer loyalty
• Strengthens relationships with customer, clients, and vendors
• Improved employee morale and engagement
• Secondments/pro bono work can help with employee management training and skill building (e.g. project and time management,leadership opportunities, teamwork activities, etc)
• Improved sense of community and social obligation

To discuss this with us, please drop us an email on We’d love to hear from you.