The Windows are In!

Yet another momentous piece of news, hard on the heels of the last momentous piece of news. This time it’s that the WINDOWS ARE IN! Forgive the all caps, but we’re giddy with excitement round here that the glass has finally landed and is being installed in the window frames of the library space. Two chaps (pictured) were hard at work this afternoon fixing the panes into the frames. If you waft past the library now you’ll be able to actually see inside and get an idea of the size of the space we have. There’s a fundraising special newsletter winging its way to your inboxes right now if you’re signed up for it. It contains lots of info on ways you can raise funds for the library, some of them at no cost to yourself. Take a read and help us make this library real. If you’re not on the mailing list yet, what are you thinking?? Sign up now!

New Library Window Frames

It may not look like much, but this is huge progress. After months of no work on sealing the ground floor, window frames have appeared on the front and sides of the library premises. The glass is still M.I.A., but we have hopes of it appearing soon.

In the meantime, this photo makes a nice desktop pic, don’t you think?

New Year, New Floor

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a flurry of activity on the new library site of late, after a long hiatus. The good news is that there is now a newly poured floor in the library, which is getting us tantalisingly closer to our opening date. Sadly, no specific date available just yet, but rest assured you’ll be the first to know as soon as we do. Remember you can get all the news direct to your inbox by joining our mailing list here:


Library Turned to Dust


Bits of the building have been exposed during the demolition process and it is hard to know what bit went where any more. Let’s not get into the stages of beginnings and endings that makes us all feel like failed Churchills.  This load of rubble will be cleared, holes will be dug and walls will be built. Throw in a couple of windows, some doors and dress  with bookshelves, books, table, chairs, coffee and people and hurrah! The new Cricklewood Library lives.

Slow Dismantling – No Sunday Working

the roof is now open to the elements

the roof is now open to the elements

The tiles are coming off the roof, and we can see the skeleton of the building being revealed – the joists revealed for the first time since they were covered in 1929.

… not much else to see behind the covers.

the scaffolding and tarpaulin is like a shroud, but also keeps the dust in

the scaffolding and tarpaulin is like a shroud, but also keeps the dust in

Used as the front door - this was not the original front door which was down the side

So, as the building is taken to pieces you can see that what we’ve known as the front door was widened in recent years, actually it was a window. People used the side entrance to get into the library, and ‘our’ front door used to be a window, and in front of it was a little park for people to sit and read outside.

Less of a Library, More of a Building Site

Cricklewood Library (1929) is leaving us, being dismantled from the inside out… and from the rubble a new building will be born.

demolished from within

demolished from within

The building is shrouded in white plastic sheeting and scaffolding, and set back behind black hoardings. So what can you see? Nothing. We’ve got a couple of photos from an insider, risking life and limb and sporting a safety helmet, having signed a waiver about liability.

It’s a dirty process, and sad to see our old friend disappear. The building has been left to fall apart for some time, and the plaque was removed by persons unknown before the new owner took possession. Perhaps this pile will be recycled into something beautiful, in due  course.IMG_3926

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