The Triathletes

Not one of us had ever attempted a triathlon before, and our average age is well north of 50. Together, we’ve raised over £6000 for the library, which means our bills are paid for the year ahead.

If we can do it, so can you.

Tammy Krylova

I heard about the triathlon whilst out on an organised bike ride supported by Brent council. Having only had a baby 6 weeks prior to this I thought a challenge would be good (pregnant during winter and lockdown wasn’t so good for fitness or mental well-being), Thus I started down the path of being a Kensal Tri Team member. As a local resident, I have followed progress of the library and would love to see it become the community hub it is destined to be, so it was a no-brainer to choose this as my fundraising charity.

Having a small baby (and toddler) meant training hours were few and far between, however when it came to hitting the pavement, I did so with the idea of children enjoying books and having safe space to go to.

What I didn’t realise is the community the Tri team would grow into. The organised training sessions, the outdoor swimming and the occasional catch-up was something I’d missed out on if I were to go it alone. It has been a wonderful experience, a great place to meet more locals and lovely being supported throughout the journey.

Sally Long

Sprint Relay – swimming

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Alan Carter

Sprint Relay – running

I took part in the Blenheim Tri  because someone knew I do a bit of running and twisted my arm (gently) to join a team on the library fund raiser.  Fortunately it was only the running part of a 3 person team!  (I am a slow swimmer – so if that was involved they would probably have needed to flood light the Lake!)

The event was good fun – just seeing how it was all organised and being part of a team – including helping Sally extract herself from her wet suit!

The venue is great – the sun shone and the running course was interesting with a nice long downhill section followed by the inevitable long uphill section through some landscaped rural scenery.  Fortunately our home running course in Gladstone Park has hills so it was not too demanding.  I did not look at the results but someone who did informed me that I broke 2 world records so I suspect there was a small error in the chip timing!

A good day out – and I may be open to persuasion again next year.

Lewis Foti

Sprint Relay – cyclling

It was a great day out, the setting is amazing and the atmosphere is very friendly. Knowing that the library is that bit closer to opening is really satisfying. Having watched the project grow from an aspiration to reality and knowing that I did a little bit to help has a real “feel good” factor about it.

Ali Stafford

Sprint – 700m swim, 20km cycle, 6km run

After celebrating a significant birthday in lockdown last year, I decided I needed to take on a challenge to mark a new decade. A local group – the Kensal Triathlon Team was recruiting so I signed up on a whim! The group grew to almost 200 individuals who all fundraised to support local community groups and charities.

I was part of a team raising money for Cricklewood Library, a place where I used to go with my kids when they were small to take out books, meet other new parents and sing nursery rhymes. It was a precious community resource that was sadly closed down in 2011. With the support of local volunteers, the library is almost ready to open. The funds that I raise is helping them to set up a café that will hopefully bring in funds to support their running costs. 

Thanks for reading. Ali x

Wendy Tyrrell

Knackered Middle Aged Mum

I’m not a sporty person. I’m that girl in your class who was never picked for the netball (or volleyball, or hockey, or any other) team. Yeah, THAT girl. I’ve never done anything seriously sporty. Until 4 years ago, I’d never managed to run for even a minute without getting serious shin splints. Then I got the NHS Couch to 5k app, found a friend to run with, and gradually built up to running 5k. Slowly. And not when it’s raining.

Then I got asked to take part in the Blenheim Triathlon as a fundraiser for the library. I was only persuaded to do it after a glass or three of prosecco, by the force of nature that is Helen Wilkinson (see elsewhere on this page). Helen lives over the road from me, and over lockdown, rules permitting, we socialised a lot, in one another’s gardens. After plying me with alcohol, she managed to get me to agree to take part (with me cursing all the while I’d ever mentioned it), and over the 12 weeks between agreeing to do it, and finally actually doing it, we ran together, swam together, discovered open water swimming was AMAZING, rather than HORRIBLE (my first thought), and gradually worked our way into a state of semi-fitness for this event. Now we’re regulars at the Hampstead Ladies Pond, and at the Gladstone parkrun of a Saturday. We feel fitter and younger and smugger than we ever thought possible.

I can’t lie – without Helen to run and swim with, I’d never have made it here, being the type to duck out of running at the slightest excuse. But her persuasive powers are legendary. Gradually I even started to like it. And now we are TRIATHLETES. We’ve swum 400m in weedy lakes, cycled up hill and down dale, and run when we thought we couldn’t run any more. And it’s been amazing, and we’re looking forward to doing it all again next May. Right Helen?

If you think you sound anything like me, give it a go. You won’t regret it.

Helen Wilkinson


Wanting to get fit?
Middle age crisis?
Altruistic motivation to support library ?
For the love of rubber?
Who knows why I did the super sprint Blenheim triathlon, but it’s such a buzz!
I would recommend it to anyone.
You get all the help and support you need from the group and the amazing Giles. If I can do it you certainly can. Plus there are numerous benefits:
Opportunity to do things you would never imagine doing
Great support and camaraderie
Adulation from your friends
Your kids think you are cool (admittedly just for a few seconds)
And you can call yourself an athlete
All of that and you raise funds for a great cause

Do it for the good of the hood

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