There’s no easy way to say this. We need your money. Here’s why.

We need to raise £114,000 to reopen the library (and then some).

We’ve raised £60,000 on Spacehive.

We need another £50,000-ish

We have 40 days to do it in (before 25/9/17 – or we don’t get any of the money)

We know you love us, and that you really, really, want to see the library reopen on the old site at 152 Olive Road.
So here’s an opportunity to raise money for the library AND get rid of your old stuff at the same time.

Please join in our jumble sale trail. On Sunday 3 September, get yourselves out on your driveway or in your garage door with all the stuff you’ve been meaning to take to the charity shop for years (be honest!!! – you have, haven’t you??) and sell it off. And then donate a percentage of your profits to the library’s Spacehive campaign. A percentage could be 1%, or it could be 100% – it’s up to you. Whatever you pledge, we’ll be grateful.

If all of that is too much trouble, please just head over to Spacehive and give us some of your cold, hard cash. We’re not proud. If you’d rather not donate on line, we also accept cheques, payable to Friends of Cricklewood Library, and sent to 116 Olive Road, NW2 6UU.

To take part, click Sign Me Up now!