The American School in London has been a very generous supporter of our efforts to re-launch the new Cricklewood Library. We wish to specifically thank Joanne Morris (Lower School Librarian) and Karen Field (Head Librarian) for the donation of many quality books and resources that will benefit library patrons of all ages. These materials are either duplicates, donations they do not require or resources that are no longer needed in the school libraries and include many current titles in very good condition.

In addition, we wish to thank Brandon Block, Director of Service Learning, who has shown great interest and support and is looking for ways that the ASL service learning programmes could be of help to Cricklewood Library. In the past ASL volunteer students, families and staff have participated in Community Service Days when they painted, installed shelving and helped to maintain the outside of the old library. ASL Parents Melissa Janssen and Lisa Kolaja, Coordinators of The Friends of the Libraries at ASL, have also expressed interest in identifying ways that they can support Cricklewood Library.

One of the most significant contributions has come in the form of IT equipment that is no longer needed at ASL but will be of tremendous use to the Library. These desktop computers and laptops will be used at the circulation desk for the library management systems, and also by library patrons. We would like to give a special word of thanks to Ash Lazar, Technology Manager, and Russell Layton, former Director of Technology, who have made possible the donation of this useful IT equipment.

In-kind support and donations such as these items gifted by the American School in London, a UK charitable institution in its own right, will enable Cricklewood Library to become a vibrant and state-of-the-art centre for all of the community. We welcome and look forward to further collaboration with the ASL community.

These donations have been made possible by a member of the Friends of Cricklewood Library who has used his contacts at ASL to help to facilitate these donations. We hope that other supporters of the Friends of Cricklewood Library will consider how their personal knowledge and professional relationships might benefit the new library.

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